My Definitions of Satan and Theistic Satanism

Each person’s Satan definition is different. Satan means different things to different people, even in theistic Satanism. Here are my definitions of Satan and theistic Satanism.

Theistic Satanism Definition

My theistic Satanism definition is simple. I think theistic Satanism is the path taken by anyone who reveres Satan as a deity. Some Satanists only respect Satan as a literary figure and symbol of humankind’s potential. However, theistic Satanists like me regard Satan as an actual deity worthy of reverence and communion.

Satan Definition

My personal Satan definition is more pantheistic. I believe Satan is the omnipresent, all-knowing power of the universe. Most of my knowledge about Satan is mostly derived from personal gnosis. For instance, I think Satan is the true creator of the universe. Satan told me this once during meditation. In my opinion, the universe is the artwork of Satan. As such, I believe Satan has both positive and negative aspects, including aspects humankind may never interact with.

My Spiritual Satanism

As someone who practices spiritual Satanism, I strive to have a spiritual relationship with Satan. I maintain this relationship through prayer, magick, dream work, meditation, invocation, and more. Satan has improved my life in more ways than I can count. My connection with Him helps me cope with my everyday life and improve upon my existence. Satan gives me something to be grateful for every single day. I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my attunement with Satan.

Satan inspires me to be the best version of myself. People say “devil worship” like it’s a bad thing, but worshiping the devil has brought good things into my life. I don’t think Satan is purely evil because I think Satan is in everything, including good things. Besides, good and evil are purely subjective. I think having premarital sex, using birth control, and thinking for yourself are all good things, but the Abrahamic god doesn’t.

I also summon demons. I believe that demonic possession can be beneficial for those of us who seek it out. Thanks to demons, I’ve had intense spiritual experiences and witnessed manifestations. I’m always learning how to connect with demons and incorporate them into my magickal practice.


Satan inspires me to worship myself as a goddess first and foremost. I am the goddess of my own reality. I can create, destroy, and transform.

I worship myself as I would worship Satan. Some people feel that “worship” is a bad term to use for revering Satan. However, worship doesn’t necessarily involve groveling or diminishing one’s self before a deity. I admire Satan out of the joy of my own heart.

Satan teaches me how to be a god through wisdom and empowerment. When I connect with Satan, I am connecting with the infernal divine. In turn, this empowers me to be a goddess in my own right. Sure, I call upon the powers of darkness and Satan during my spells and rituals. However, I also call upon my personal power and summon dark energy to manifest my desires.

I believe there is a piece of Satan in everyone. It’s that piece of Satan that gives us pride, independent thought, passion, individuality, and a spark of the black flame. The black flame is the god/dess within you. As your black flame rises, you get closer to self-deification.

Darkness and Light

I associate Satan with darkness. I think Satan represents dark energy, the spiritual matter that all creation comes from. I believe all of creation comes from darkness and that we will return to darkness at the end of our lives.

Light cannot exist without darkness. Darkness existed before light. I believe Lucifer is a light aspect of Satan. Lucifer is the light bearer, the spirit of Venus, and the bringer of enlightenment. Lucifer’s presence is glorious and golden, but it should be known that He also has dark aspects of His own.

Regarding Abrahamic Religions

I wouldn’t say I hate Abrahamic religions – I respect freedom of religion and think that everyone has free will to believe in whatever they choose. However, I don’t agree with the values of Abrahamic religions or their followers. I believe that Yahweh, the Judeo-Christian god, and Allah, the god of Islam, are the same deity. However, I don’t think either of them actually created the world and both are hungry for power. I see Satan as the great liberator from all oppression, including religious dogma.

How do you define Satan and theistic Satanism? Let me know on Twitter (@ChiaSatana).


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