Why I Embrace Gratitude In Theistic Satanism

Now that Thanksgiving is near, I’d like to discuss the significance of gratitude on my spiritual path in theistic Satanism. Personally, I feel as though gratitude improves my relationship with Satan.

What is Gratitude?

According to Google, the definition of gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness.” To experience gratitude is to be thankful for something. Based on personal experiences and science alike, gratitude can be a tool for thinking and feeling more positive. Gratitude not only improves your perspective, but it can also enrich your relationships. That includes your relationship with Satan.

Contrary to popular belief, gratitude is not something reserved for “white light” religions. You, too, can experience the transformative qualities of gratitude.

How I Began Embracing Gratitude

I started embracing gratitude before I became a theistic Satanist, back when I considered myself 100% Pagan. I used gratitude as a way to brighten my outlook on my life and the world at large while experiencing mental health issues. Soon, I began expressing gratitude for my relationships with deities, demons, faeries, and other interdimensional beings I had alliances with. I found that this gratitude brought me closer to these entities and allowed me to experience their magick more fully. Embracing gratitude adds positive energy to any relationship, including spiritual relationships with deities such as Satan.

Being Grateful For Satan

Satan didn’t enter my life as a deity until 2016. Although it was ultimately a psychotic break that brought me to Satan (more information about that in the link), I was immediately grateful to have an alliance with Satan. My earliest memory of Satanic gratitude came to me when I was reflecting on Satan encouraging me to be my own goddess. I was so grateful to finally connect with a deity who wanted to elevate me to their level and not just make me submit to them as a mortal. Satan nurtures the part of my spirit that I truly cherish: the part that makes me the goddess of my own life.

Since beginning of my journey with Satan, my appreciation for gratitude has only increased. Satan gives me something to be grateful for every single day. I express gratitude for Satan’s dark blessings by doing things like reveling in the goods of the material world, indulging in pleasure, enjoying liberty, praying, and so much more. If you read my personal definitions of Satan and theistic Satanism, you’d know that I consider Satan to be the true creator. I believe Satan is dark energy, the spiritual matter from which all life, death, and existence derives. As such, the gifts of Satan become innumerable and immeasurable once I open my eyes to them.

Counting My Satanic Blessings

I am grateful for my personal power. Thanks to Satan, I have awakened to my potential.

My spiritual relationship with Satan has brought so much good into my life, it’s hard to not be thankful for it. Satan helps me embrace some of the deepest truths about myself and the human condition that Abrahamic religions condemn with shame. Satan liberates me from the shame that society and religions alike thrust upon me. For instance, I’m grateful for the freedom to seek revenge as I see fit. I won’t be shamed into obedience such as “turning the other cheek” or “being the bigger person” when what I want is revenge. Religions have also shrouded the subject of sexuality with guilt and fear. I’ll never feel guilty over lust, being queer, or masturbation, especially if I’m expressing my sexuality in a healthy, consensual way. Many people struggle with guilt over their feelings and impulses that aren’t actually harmful, but I am free of that shame. I’m grateful for this freedom in the spiritual and material realms.

As I connect more with the infernal divine, I connect more to gratitude as a psychological and spiritual tool. I am grateful to have infernal spirituality in my life. Gratitude heightens my appreciation of the forces I connect with, including Satan. Gratitude also enhances my awareness and appreciation of the wisdom and manifestations I receive from Satan and the Left Hand Path in general.

Connecting With Satanic Gratitude

The next time you connect with Satan, mentally express gratitude for His infernal blessings via prayer. The act only takes a few seconds, but it’s a powerful action to take. Being grateful for what Satan brings into your life will deepen your connection with Him. Your gratitude will also invite more infernal blessings from Satan, something that benefits you greatly.

As an exercise, make a list of the reasons why you’re grateful to have Satan in your life. Use this list as an opportunity to reflect upon the knowledge and empowerment Satan has given you. Feel free to mention any answered prayers, lessons learned, and other things that Satan has brought into your life. You might be surprised by some of the things that come up.

Try incorporating gratitude into your Satanic beliefs and practices. Making a habit out of expressing gratitude for Satan will strengthen your connection with Him as well as yourself. If your experience with gratitude is anything like mine, it will make you feel happier and more spiritually fulfilled as a spiritual Satanist.

Why are you grateful for your spiritual relationship with Satan? Tweet me (@ChiaSatana) to let me know!


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