Why I Don’t Think Darkness/Dark Energy Is Evil


The most common complaint I hear about theistic Satanism is that it’s too “dark.” However, working with darkness and dark energy has given me valuable wisdom in my magick and spirituality. I don’t believe darkness is a bad thing. I also don’t think the darkness/light duality is equivalent to good/evil.

In my opinion, Satan is the force of dark energy. Dark energy is the spiritual matter of all creation, death, and beyond. Dark energy is everything and nothingness all at once. It’s the primordial darkness from which all creation springs. Darkness was here long before human life and I think it’s the source we’ll return to upon our deaths.

Darkness can be intimidating and even scary for a lot of people. After all, we can’t see in the darkness. Truthfully, the darkness is rich in mysteries and wisdom that can benefit you. In order to reap the blessings of darkness, you have to let go of the idea that darkness equals evil.

Just because something is dark doesn’t mean it’s evil. For instance, the night is dark, but it’s not evil. The shade you seek on a sunny day isn’t evil. Still, some people think of evil as “the dark side” instead of acknowledging darkness as neutral. I’ve found that the associations between darkness and evil are mostly social constructs. The truth is that there are many predators who claim to be purveyors of “the light”.

Darkness is the root of all existence. Through simple visualization, you can tap into dark energy and use it for manifestation. The more detail involved in your visualization, the more exact your manifestation will be. Dark energy behaves exactly how you program it to function. Dark energy manifests your thoughts, desires, and intentions, sometimes even when you’ve put forth no conscious effort to manifest these things. Be careful of what you think/feel about yourself. Dark energy manifests your life based on the things you think and feel. Dark energy doesn’t judge you for the things you think and feel. Darkness simply manifests whatever you’re willing.

In other words, it’s not whether darkness is good or evil. It’s more about you and your perception.

A lot of people claim there needs to be balance between light and dark. Personally, I believe that everything (including light) comes from darkness. By attuning to darkness, you’re getting in touch with the creative and destructive powers of the universe. Infinite potential is in your hands with dark energy. You can manifest whatever you want with that darkness.

If you want to learn about how to work with dark energy, read She-Ra Seven’s book about dark energy. She also has YouTube videos about dark energy and how to work with it.

In order to get in touch with darkness, sit in a dark room and meditate. Once you’ve cleared your thoughts, invoke the darkness and feel the dark energy that your being is comprised of. Once you’ve invoked the darkness, mentally program the dark energy by visualizing your goal fulfilled in full detail. Will your desire to manifest itself by believing in yourself.

Yes, you can do things with dark energy that others consider “bad.” For instance, you can cast curses with dark energy. With that said, it’s important to note the subjectivity of constructs like “good” and “evil” as we know them. Personally, I think it’s fine to cast a curse, so long as the curse is justified by previous wrongdoings committed by the target. Other Satanists, black magicians, and Left Hand Path practitioners will probably tell you the same thing.

However, I think darkness is mostly neutral. Darkness can be good or bad. It depends on how you look at it and what kind of magick you use darkness for. Only you can decide whether your intentions are justified or not. Like people and light, darkness has different aspects you can tap into. Reducing darkness to “evil” simply isn’t accurate.

Darkness doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When you start working with dark energy, you start unlearning the negative stereotypes surrounding darkness. People fear darkness because they can’t see in it. Once you become more acquainted with darkness, you’ll feel more comfortable when immersed in it.

What are your opinions about darkness? Tweet me (@ChiaSatana) to let me know!


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