6 Ways To Build a Relationship With Satan

Along my journey into theistic Satanism, I’ve been developing a spiritual relationship with Satan. Ultimately, it’s up to you to begin a relationship with Satan. Here are 6 ways you can get in touch with Satan.

According to my definition of theistic Satanism, I believe in Satan as a deity or force. In fact, many people believe in Satan. Those of us who feel called to Satan often seek to form a connection with Him. So many people ask me how to connect with Satan.

The desire to be close to Satan exists for a reason. Based on my experience, it’s beneficial to develop a relationship with Satan. I love having Satan in my life for so many reasons. These reasons add up and make me glad I pursued an alliance with Satan in the first place.

Here are some ways you can connect with Satan:

  1. Prayer

Based on my experience, prayer has been one of the effective ways to connect with Satan. You can pray to Satan like you can pray to any other god. Your prayers to Satan are just as valid as prayers to other entities.

Prayers come from the heart and soul. Although many prayers are spoken aloud, you can even pray without words. I pray by simply focusing on Satan and sending my intentions towards Him. Satanic prayers have become a daily practice for me that brings me closer to Satan.

If you want to know more about Satanic prayer, I highly recommend reading one book in particular. It’s called Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections by Venus Satanas. (This link goes to my review of the book.) Venus Satanas explains how Satanic prayer works, its significance, and how it can benefit your life.

Honestly, I notice Satan answering my prayers. Be open to receiving messages from Satan. You never know how he’s going to reveal his wisdom to you.

2. Meditation

Meditation helps me connect with my inner-Satan and Satan as a deity.  It even helps me to just sit in a dark room while focusing on Satan and controlling my breathing. When you meditate with Satan, you’re opening yourself up to His knowledge and power.

Meditation also has a lot of benefits that make it an appealing option. For instance, meditation lowers stress levels and anxiety. Think of meditation as spending time with Satan. Meditating on Satan will fill you with His power and allow you to draw His presence into your life.

There are many different kinds of meditation you can do. For instance, I like to meditate while visualizing myself with horns. The horns symbolize my personal power, magick, and protection. I pack the horns with energy so I’ll be energized, spiritually attuned, and empowered all day.

3. Research

In The Satanic Bible and interviews, Anton LaVey says, “Satanism demands study—NOT worship.” This quote resonates with me. I’ve found that research can bring you closer to Satan and strengthen your relationship with Him.

When you study Satan, you can study any of His facets. If you’re interested in demons, read books about demons. If you want to learn more about Satan and His roots, read books about Satan. Book reviews can give you insight into which books have the best knowledge. If you can’t afford books, browse the internet and read articles about different perspectives of Satan and Satanism.

Personally, I study both theistic Satanism and atheist Satanism. I think both types of Satanists are valid and carry unique wisdom. There are many components of atheist Satanism that I agree with and incorporate into my Satanic path. Studying different views in Satanism has helped me refine my opinions and wisdom.

Study whatever you feel drawn to. The wisdom is worth it.

4. Enjoying Pleasure

Enjoying life is one of my favorite ways to build a connection with Satan. I see Satan as the true creator of the universe. Therefore, I thank Him for all pleasures. I embrace ethical hedonism in theistic Satanism. I believe that pleasure is one of the things that make living worthwhile.

Pleasure makes me feel connected to Satan. Whether it’s having consensual sex or getting revenge, there’s all kinds of Satanic pleasure to choose from. Simply enjoying life and exercising free will gets me in touch with my inner-Satan. On sunny days, I connect with Lucifer through the sunlight and thank Him for the light.

When I embrace pleasure, I remember Satan and remain shameless in my joy. I think Satan wants us to enjoy pleasure on Earth while we’re alive. The next time you experience pleasure, take a moment to attune to Satan. He’ll help you appreciate the experience more.

5. Invocation

Invocation is when you invoke an entity or deity of some kind. You can also do this with Satan and demons. When you invoke Satan, you’re calling His spirit into your body. This can bring about different sensations, visions, inspiration, ideas, and more.

There are plenty of Satan invocations on the internet. However, I’d recommend writing one for yourself. That way, you’re more intimately connected with the words you’re saying. I have an invocation of my own that I use. I enjoy invoking Satan’s spirit at the beginning of the day so I can enjoy His energy throughout the day.

When doing invocations, it’s also important to practice grounding. The excess energy can be too much for people to handle.

6. Magick

Practicing Satanic magick and Satanic witchcraft can help you get to know Satan. Many Satanic witches call upon Satan for power, guidance, and energy. I draw Satan’s energy into almost every spell I do. Satan is capable of manifesting anything and everything.

Most Satanic witchcraft involves tapping into the force of Satan and using His power to manifest desires. It also involves cultivating and conjuring your own power. You’ll learn how to wield your personal power as a god/dess alongside His infernal power.

First, you’ll need to learn how to summon Satan into your life. All you need to do is simply ask Him to be there and voila! He’ll be there. Be open to Satan’s presence manifesting in your life.

In my experience, Satan’s energy is grounding, formidable, protective, and prosperous. When you think of Satan, what comes to mind? Your associations will tell you a lot about your thoughts and feelings towards Satan.

Satan can help you achieve your worldly desires and then some. If you’re not familiar with magick, research different spells and see which ones resonate with you. If Satan’s not already in a spell you like, incorporate Him into it. Study different techniques of manifestation. There’s all kinds of magick out there. The only limit is your imagination.

Good luck with your journey to become closer to Satan. Hail Satan!


One thought on “6 Ways To Build a Relationship With Satan

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  1. Thank you for that post in Tumblr. I often seek out guidance with following and practicing but, I often feel strong lustful urges overwhelm my body mind soul and Spirit that I feel as if the demons are actually having sex with me.

    As a testament I’m not really into cyber sex but for some reason last night I got led to someone on Tumblr we just have the most sexual lustful experience that by the end I was overwhelmed with warmth and satanic lust as if he was actually there with me.

    I just hope all the visions that’s what I’m supposed to be it’s true and that the work I will be doing for him it’s true as well

    Thank you for your post and thank you for listening


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