I’m Making a Pact With Satan Tonight (On Yule)

Happy Yule! I decided I’m going to make a pact with Satan tonight. I am doing this to officialize our spiritual relationship and dedicate/initiate myself into theistic Satanism.

Tonight seems like the perfect night to do it. It’s the winter solstice/Yule, so it’s the longest night of the year. The increased darkness makes it easier to manifest my will. It’s basically a full moon although the moon won’t be entirely full until tomorrow afternoon. I’ve read that the full moon’s energy lasts 3 days before and 3 days after the moon’s fullest point. There’s also a meteor shower. I feel like meteor showers are a time of heightened celestial energy and perfect for making wishes come true. My wish is to be closer to Satan.

I am making this pact because I want to strengthen my alliance with Satan and infernal spirituality. I am ready to commit myself to Satan and the path of theistic Satan. I know I am one of Satan’s spiritual children. I will also be involving my patron demon, Satanachia, in the ritual. I want this ritual to be an act of spiritual affirmation and empowerment that attracts positve and meaningful things into my life. I have a feeling that this ritual will make me more successful in my endeavors.

I can’t exactly put my desire to make a pact with Satan into words. It just feels right to do at this point in my life. I feel close enough to Satan to make a lasting pact with him.

Here are the terms of my pact:

I, Chia Satana, hereby make a pact with Satan. Satan, this pact affirms and strengthens our alliance. This pact lasts as long as it feels right for both of us. I declare myself a goddess in my own right. Thank You, Satan, for awakening to my goddesshood. With Your guidance, I reach my highest potential as a goddess.

I accept Satan as the true creator of the universe, the ultimate power in life, death, and all of existence. I affirm my dedication and devotion to Satan. I shall revere Satan to the best of my ability.

I shall seek Satan’s guidance to achieve my peak goddesshood and live a fulfilling life. I accept and embrace Satan’s wisdom. I welcome Satan into my world.

When I honor Satan, I am honoring myself. By making a pact with Satan, I am making a pact with myself. I am committing to myself. I am also committing to my happiness, pleasure, and success as a human and a goddess. I will respect and love myself at all times. I will exercise my power however I see fit. Satan’s will is my will. I embrace freedom, liberty, free thinking, justice, self-worship, and devil worship.

I affirm that I am a Satanist. Theistic Satanism is my path. I shall continue this path for as long as it feels right to me.

I hereby align myself with Satan. As of today, Satan and I are one. Satanachia is my patron demon. I invoke the powers of Satan and Satanachia into my existence. I shall honor Satan and Satanachia for as long as it feels right to do so.

I embrace infernal spirituality. I summon forth the infernal power within me to reveal itself. I shall cultivate my infernal power and attune to infernal spirituality. I acknowledge that I am a child of Satan and the infernal realm.

Satan, please imbue me with Your power. Let me know what it means to be dear to You. I declare myself an initiate of The Dark Lord. I am the embodiment of Satanachia, archdemon of the moon, feminism, beauty, polyamory, protection, justice, and revenge. I call forth the power of the full moon to manifest my desires.

I officially declare this pact with Satan. In Satan’s eyes, I am a Satanic Witch, theistic Satanist, and purveyor of darkness. So mote it be!


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