I’m Making a Pact With Satan Tonight (On Yule)

Happy Yule! I decided I’m going to make a pact with Satan tonight. I am doing this to officialize our spiritual relationship and dedicate/initiate myself into theistic Satanism.

Tonight seems like the perfect night to do it. It’s the winter solstice/Yule, so it’s the longest night of the year. The increased darkness makes it easier to manifest my will. It’s basically a full moon although the moon won’t be entirely full until tomorrow afternoon. I’ve read that the full moon’s energy lasts 3 days before and 3 days after the moon’s fullest point. There’s also a meteor shower. I feel like meteor showers are a time of heightened celestial energy and perfect for making wishes come true. My wish is to be closer to Satan.

I am making this pact because I want to strengthen my alliance with Satan and infernal spirituality. I am ready to commit myself to Satan and the path of theistic Satan. I know I am one of Satan’s spiritual children. I will also be involving my patron demon, Satanachia, in the ritual. I want this ritual to be an act of spiritual affirmation and empowerment that attracts positve and meaningful things into my life. I have a feeling that this ritual will make me more successful in my endeavors.

I can’t exactly put my desire to make a pact with Satan into words. It just feels right to do at this point in my life. I feel close enough to Satan to make a lasting pact with him.

Here are the terms of my pact:

I, Chia Satana, hereby make a pact with Satan. Satan, this pact affirms and strengthens our alliance. This pact lasts as long as it feels right for both of us. I declare myself a goddess in my own right. Thank You, Satan, for awakening to my goddesshood. With Your guidance, I reach my highest potential as a goddess.

I accept Satan as the true creator of the universe, the ultimate power in life, death, and all of existence. I affirm my dedication and devotion to Satan. I shall revere Satan to the best of my ability.

I shall seek Satan’s guidance to achieve my peak goddesshood and live a fulfilling life. I accept and embrace Satan’s wisdom. I welcome Satan into my world.

When I honor Satan, I am honoring myself. By making a pact with Satan, I am making a pact with myself. I am committing to myself. I am also committing to my happiness, pleasure, and success as a human and a goddess. I will respect and love myself at all times. I will exercise my power however I see fit. Satan’s will is my will. I embrace freedom, liberty, free thinking, justice, self-worship, and devil worship.

I affirm that I am a Satanist. Theistic Satanism is my path. I shall continue this path for as long as it feels right to me.

I hereby align myself with Satan. As of today, Satan and I are one. Satanachia is my patron demon. I invoke the powers of Satan and Satanachia into my existence. I shall honor Satan and Satanachia for as long as it feels right to do so.

I embrace infernal spirituality. I summon forth the infernal power within me to reveal itself. I shall cultivate my infernal power and attune to infernal spirituality. I acknowledge that I am a child of Satan and the infernal realm.

Satan, please imbue me with Your power. Let me know what it means to be dear to You. I declare myself an initiate of The Dark Lord. I am the embodiment of Satanachia, archdemon of the moon, feminism, beauty, polyamory, protection, justice, and revenge. I call forth the power of the full moon to manifest my desires.

I officially declare this pact with Satan. In Satan’s eyes, I am a Satanic Witch, theistic Satanist, and purveyor of darkness. So mote it be!

6 Ways To Build a Relationship With Satan

Along my journey into theistic Satanism, I’ve been developing a spiritual relationship with Satan. Ultimately, it’s up to you to begin a relationship with Satan. Here are 6 ways you can get in touch with Satan.

According to my definition of theistic Satanism, I believe in Satan as a deity or force. In fact, many people believe in Satan. Those of us who feel called to Satan often seek to form a connection with Him. So many people ask me how to connect with Satan.

The desire to be close to Satan exists for a reason. Based on my experience, it’s beneficial to develop a relationship with Satan. I love having Satan in my life for so many reasons. These reasons add up and make me glad I pursued an alliance with Satan in the first place.

Here are some ways you can connect with Satan:

  1. Prayer

Based on my experience, prayer has been one of the effective ways to connect with Satan. You can pray to Satan like you can pray to any other god. Your prayers to Satan are just as valid as prayers to other entities.

Prayers come from the heart and soul. Although many prayers are spoken aloud, you can even pray without words. I pray by simply focusing on Satan and sending my intentions towards Him. Satanic prayers have become a daily practice for me that brings me closer to Satan.

If you want to know more about Satanic prayer, I highly recommend reading one book in particular. It’s called Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections by Venus Satanas. (This link goes to my review of the book.) Venus Satanas explains how Satanic prayer works, its significance, and how it can benefit your life.

Honestly, I notice Satan answering my prayers. Be open to receiving messages from Satan. You never know how he’s going to reveal his wisdom to you.

2. Meditation

Meditation helps me connect with my inner-Satan and Satan as a deity.  It even helps me to just sit in a dark room while focusing on Satan and controlling my breathing. When you meditate with Satan, you’re opening yourself up to His knowledge and power.

Meditation also has a lot of benefits that make it an appealing option. For instance, meditation lowers stress levels and anxiety. Think of meditation as spending time with Satan. Meditating on Satan will fill you with His power and allow you to draw His presence into your life.

There are many different kinds of meditation you can do. For instance, I like to meditate while visualizing myself with horns. The horns symbolize my personal power, magick, and protection. I pack the horns with energy so I’ll be energized, spiritually attuned, and empowered all day.

3. Research

In The Satanic Bible and interviews, Anton LaVey says, “Satanism demands study—NOT worship.” This quote resonates with me. I’ve found that research can bring you closer to Satan and strengthen your relationship with Him.

When you study Satan, you can study any of His facets. If you’re interested in demons, read books about demons. If you want to learn more about Satan and His roots, read books about Satan. Book reviews can give you insight into which books have the best knowledge. If you can’t afford books, browse the internet and read articles about different perspectives of Satan and Satanism.

Personally, I study both theistic Satanism and atheist Satanism. I think both types of Satanists are valid and carry unique wisdom. There are many components of atheist Satanism that I agree with and incorporate into my Satanic path. Studying different views in Satanism has helped me refine my opinions and wisdom.

Study whatever you feel drawn to. The wisdom is worth it.

4. Enjoying Pleasure

Enjoying life is one of my favorite ways to build a connection with Satan. I see Satan as the true creator of the universe. Therefore, I thank Him for all pleasures. I embrace ethical hedonism in theistic Satanism. I believe that pleasure is one of the things that make living worthwhile.

Pleasure makes me feel connected to Satan. Whether it’s having consensual sex or getting revenge, there’s all kinds of Satanic pleasure to choose from. Simply enjoying life and exercising free will gets me in touch with my inner-Satan. On sunny days, I connect with Lucifer through the sunlight and thank Him for the light.

When I embrace pleasure, I remember Satan and remain shameless in my joy. I think Satan wants us to enjoy pleasure on Earth while we’re alive. The next time you experience pleasure, take a moment to attune to Satan. He’ll help you appreciate the experience more.

5. Invocation

Invocation is when you invoke an entity or deity of some kind. You can also do this with Satan and demons. When you invoke Satan, you’re calling His spirit into your body. This can bring about different sensations, visions, inspiration, ideas, and more.

There are plenty of Satan invocations on the internet. However, I’d recommend writing one for yourself. That way, you’re more intimately connected with the words you’re saying. I have an invocation of my own that I use. I enjoy invoking Satan’s spirit at the beginning of the day so I can enjoy His energy throughout the day.

When doing invocations, it’s also important to practice grounding. The excess energy can be too much for people to handle.

6. Magick

Practicing Satanic magick and Satanic witchcraft can help you get to know Satan. Many Satanic witches call upon Satan for power, guidance, and energy. I draw Satan’s energy into almost every spell I do. Satan is capable of manifesting anything and everything.

Most Satanic witchcraft involves tapping into the force of Satan and using His power to manifest desires. It also involves cultivating and conjuring your own power. You’ll learn how to wield your personal power as a god/dess alongside His infernal power.

First, you’ll need to learn how to summon Satan into your life. All you need to do is simply ask Him to be there and voila! He’ll be there. Be open to Satan’s presence manifesting in your life.

In my experience, Satan’s energy is grounding, formidable, protective, and prosperous. When you think of Satan, what comes to mind? Your associations will tell you a lot about your thoughts and feelings towards Satan.

Satan can help you achieve your worldly desires and then some. If you’re not familiar with magick, research different spells and see which ones resonate with you. If Satan’s not already in a spell you like, incorporate Him into it. Study different techniques of manifestation. There’s all kinds of magick out there. The only limit is your imagination.

Good luck with your journey to become closer to Satan. Hail Satan!

How Ethical Hedonism Plays Into My Path In Theistic Satanism

People think of hedonism like it’s a negative thing. Personally, I think embracing ethical hedonism has brought me closer to Satan.

According to Google, the definition of hedonism is “the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.” This definition mentions nothing about the baggage surrounding the word. People think of the pursuit of pleasure as immoral, corrupt, and sinful. Ethical hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure, but with personal ethics involved. Ultimately, I decide which pleasures are okay to indulge in and to what extent I can ethically indulge in them.

Religions often shame people for pursuing pleasure, especially the worldly pleasures that hedonism is associated with. Have you ever heard of good food described as “sinful”? However, practicing theistic Satanism has made me more of an ethical hedonist. My time with Satan has taught me that Satan wants us to enjoy life. Overall, He wants us to experience pleasure without the fetters of guilt or shame. Pleasure is one of the many gifts Satan gives humanity.

In my opinion, the experience of pleasure is one of the things that makes life worth living. Pleasure isn’t the only thing to live for, but it’s an important component in life. A life without pleasure isn’t devoid of meaning, but it’s a lot less fun. I make pleasure a priority in life because it makes me feel good. My hedonism includes worldly pleasures like lust and food, but also the smaller pleasures in life such as funny memes or spending time with friends. I think Satan wants me to be happy and live a life full of pleasures. Most worldly pleasures are here for us to enjoy, not avoid.

For me, ethical hedonism is about spiritual, emotional, and material fulfillment. Experiencing pleasure gets me in touch with Satan. I’m not ashamed of pursuing pleasure, so long as my pleasure isn’t hurting someone who doesn’t want or deserve to be hurt. For instance, many people (myself included) are into BDSM. Some people who are into BDSM enjoy being spanked, whipped, tied up, etc. So long as each person involved consents to the activity and the activity itself is carried out in a safe manner, their hedonism is ethical.

However, not all pleasures are ethical. For instance, engaging in sexual activities with non-consenting people (including minors/underage people) is not ethical. That kind of pleasure causes harm and has negative consequences. Don’t be that person.

I acknowledge that there are pleasures that can harm you if you indulge too much. Food, for instance, is a pleasure that can have bad consequences if I overindulge. This is where ethics comes in to decide what/how much I can eat without harming my health. Don’t get me wrong: I still eat too much, but I’m trying to work on eating healthier. I know eating healthy will bring me pleasure because I’ll get to enjoy the benefits of being healthy. This will lead to more pleasure.

The pursuit of pleasure is a highly personal thing. Nobody should feel guilty over indulging in pleasures like consensual sex or laughing at an enemy’s expense. Satan helps free me from this unnecessary shame over experiencing and valuing pleasure in life. He also helps me appreciate these pleasures more since I believe Satan, as the true creator, made these pleasure for us to enjoy. In essence, I thank Satan for the gift of pleasure every day.

Ultimately, only you can decide your personal ethics surrounding pleasure. For instance, getting revenge is a form of pleasure not everyone considers ethical, but I personally do. I think Satan is fine with justified revenge as well. I think my life is a happier place with both ethical hedonism and Satan involved in it. I find that the more I embrace Satan, the more of an ethical hedonist I become.

Why I Don’t Think Darkness/Dark Energy Is Evil


The most common complaint I hear about theistic Satanism is that it’s too “dark.” However, working with darkness and dark energy has given me valuable wisdom in my magick and spirituality. I don’t believe darkness is a bad thing. I also don’t think the darkness/light duality is equivalent to good/evil.

In my opinion, Satan is the force of dark energy. Dark energy is the spiritual matter of all creation, death, and beyond. Dark energy is everything and nothingness all at once. It’s the primordial darkness from which all creation springs. Darkness was here long before human life and I think it’s the source we’ll return to upon our deaths.

Darkness can be intimidating and even scary for a lot of people. After all, we can’t see in the darkness. Truthfully, the darkness is rich in mysteries and wisdom that can benefit you. In order to reap the blessings of darkness, you have to let go of the idea that darkness equals evil.

Just because something is dark doesn’t mean it’s evil. For instance, the night is dark, but it’s not evil. The shade you seek on a sunny day isn’t evil. Still, some people think of evil as “the dark side” instead of acknowledging darkness as neutral. I’ve found that the associations between darkness and evil are mostly social constructs. The truth is that there are many predators who claim to be purveyors of “the light”.

Darkness is the root of all existence. Through simple visualization, you can tap into dark energy and use it for manifestation. The more detail involved in your visualization, the more exact your manifestation will be. Dark energy behaves exactly how you program it to function. Dark energy manifests your thoughts, desires, and intentions, sometimes even when you’ve put forth no conscious effort to manifest these things. Be careful of what you think/feel about yourself. Dark energy manifests your life based on the things you think and feel. Dark energy doesn’t judge you for the things you think and feel. Darkness simply manifests whatever you’re willing.

In other words, it’s not whether darkness is good or evil. It’s more about you and your perception.

A lot of people claim there needs to be balance between light and dark. Personally, I believe that everything (including light) comes from darkness. By attuning to darkness, you’re getting in touch with the creative and destructive powers of the universe. Infinite potential is in your hands with dark energy. You can manifest whatever you want with that darkness.

If you want to learn about how to work with dark energy, read She-Ra Seven’s book about dark energy. She also has YouTube videos about dark energy and how to work with it.

In order to get in touch with darkness, sit in a dark room and meditate. Once you’ve cleared your thoughts, invoke the darkness and feel the dark energy that your being is comprised of. Once you’ve invoked the darkness, mentally program the dark energy by visualizing your goal fulfilled in full detail. Will your desire to manifest itself by believing in yourself.

Yes, you can do things with dark energy that others consider “bad.” For instance, you can cast curses with dark energy. With that said, it’s important to note the subjectivity of constructs like “good” and “evil” as we know them. Personally, I think it’s fine to cast a curse, so long as the curse is justified by previous wrongdoings committed by the target. Other Satanists, black magicians, and Left Hand Path practitioners will probably tell you the same thing.

However, I think darkness is mostly neutral. Darkness can be good or bad. It depends on how you look at it and what kind of magick you use darkness for. Only you can decide whether your intentions are justified or not. Like people and light, darkness has different aspects you can tap into. Reducing darkness to “evil” simply isn’t accurate.

Darkness doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When you start working with dark energy, you start unlearning the negative stereotypes surrounding darkness. People fear darkness because they can’t see in it. Once you become more acquainted with darkness, you’ll feel more comfortable when immersed in it.

What are your opinions about darkness? Tweet me (@ChiaSatana) to let me know!

Why I Embrace Gratitude In Theistic Satanism

Now that Thanksgiving is near, I’d like to discuss the significance of gratitude on my spiritual path in theistic Satanism. Personally, I feel as though gratitude improves my relationship with Satan.

What is Gratitude?

According to Google, the definition of gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness.” To experience gratitude is to be thankful for something. Based on personal experiences and science alike, gratitude can be a tool for thinking and feeling more positive. Gratitude not only improves your perspective, but it can also enrich your relationships. That includes your relationship with Satan.

Contrary to popular belief, gratitude is not something reserved for “white light” religions. You, too, can experience the transformative qualities of gratitude.

How I Began Embracing Gratitude

I started embracing gratitude before I became a theistic Satanist, back when I considered myself 100% Pagan. I used gratitude as a way to brighten my outlook on my life and the world at large while experiencing mental health issues. Soon, I began expressing gratitude for my relationships with deities, demons, faeries, and other interdimensional beings I had alliances with. I found that this gratitude brought me closer to these entities and allowed me to experience their magick more fully. Embracing gratitude adds positive energy to any relationship, including spiritual relationships with deities such as Satan.

Being Grateful For Satan

Satan didn’t enter my life as a deity until 2016. Although it was ultimately a psychotic break that brought me to Satan (more information about that in the link), I was immediately grateful to have an alliance with Satan. My earliest memory of Satanic gratitude came to me when I was reflecting on Satan encouraging me to be my own goddess. I was so grateful to finally connect with a deity who wanted to elevate me to their level and not just make me submit to them as a mortal. Satan nurtures the part of my spirit that I truly cherish: the part that makes me the goddess of my own life.

Since beginning of my journey with Satan, my appreciation for gratitude has only increased. Satan gives me something to be grateful for every single day. I express gratitude for Satan’s dark blessings by doing things like reveling in the goods of the material world, indulging in pleasure, enjoying liberty, praying, and so much more. If you read my personal definitions of Satan and theistic Satanism, you’d know that I consider Satan to be the true creator. I believe Satan is dark energy, the spiritual matter from which all life, death, and existence derives. As such, the gifts of Satan become innumerable and immeasurable once I open my eyes to them.

Counting My Satanic Blessings

I am grateful for my personal power. Thanks to Satan, I have awakened to my potential.

My spiritual relationship with Satan has brought so much good into my life, it’s hard to not be thankful for it. Satan helps me embrace some of the deepest truths about myself and the human condition that Abrahamic religions condemn with shame. Satan liberates me from the shame that society and religions alike thrust upon me. For instance, I’m grateful for the freedom to seek revenge as I see fit. I won’t be shamed into obedience such as “turning the other cheek” or “being the bigger person” when what I want is revenge. Religions have also shrouded the subject of sexuality with guilt and fear. I’ll never feel guilty over lust, being queer, or masturbation, especially if I’m expressing my sexuality in a healthy, consensual way. Many people struggle with guilt over their feelings and impulses that aren’t actually harmful, but I am free of that shame. I’m grateful for this freedom in the spiritual and material realms.

As I connect more with the infernal divine, I connect more to gratitude as a psychological and spiritual tool. I am grateful to have infernal spirituality in my life. Gratitude heightens my appreciation of the forces I connect with, including Satan. Gratitude also enhances my awareness and appreciation of the wisdom and manifestations I receive from Satan and the Left Hand Path in general.

Connecting With Satanic Gratitude

The next time you connect with Satan, mentally express gratitude for His infernal blessings via prayer. The act only takes a few seconds, but it’s a powerful action to take. Being grateful for what Satan brings into your life will deepen your connection with Him. Your gratitude will also invite more infernal blessings from Satan, something that benefits you greatly.

As an exercise, make a list of the reasons why you’re grateful to have Satan in your life. Use this list as an opportunity to reflect upon the knowledge and empowerment Satan has given you. Feel free to mention any answered prayers, lessons learned, and other things that Satan has brought into your life. You might be surprised by some of the things that come up.

Try incorporating gratitude into your Satanic beliefs and practices. Making a habit out of expressing gratitude for Satan will strengthen your connection with Him as well as yourself. If your experience with gratitude is anything like mine, it will make you feel happier and more spiritually fulfilled as a spiritual Satanist.

Why are you grateful for your spiritual relationship with Satan? Tweet me (@ChiaSatana) to let me know!

My Definitions of Satan and Theistic Satanism

Each person’s Satan definition is different. Satan means different things to different people, even in theistic Satanism. Here are my definitions of Satan and theistic Satanism.

Theistic Satanism Definition

My theistic Satanism definition is simple. I think theistic Satanism is the path taken by anyone who reveres Satan as a deity. Some Satanists only respect Satan as a literary figure and symbol of humankind’s potential. However, theistic Satanists like me regard Satan as an actual deity worthy of reverence and communion.

Satan Definition

My personal Satan definition is more pantheistic. I believe Satan is the omnipresent, all-knowing power of the universe. Most of my knowledge about Satan is mostly derived from personal gnosis. For instance, I think Satan is the true creator of the universe. Satan told me this once during meditation. In my opinion, the universe is the artwork of Satan. As such, I believe Satan has both positive and negative aspects, including aspects humankind may never interact with.

My Spiritual Satanism

As someone who practices spiritual Satanism, I strive to have a spiritual relationship with Satan. I maintain this relationship through prayer, magick, dream work, meditation, invocation, and more. Satan has improved my life in more ways than I can count. My connection with Him helps me cope with my everyday life and improve upon my existence. Satan gives me something to be grateful for every single day. I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my attunement with Satan.

Satan inspires me to be the best version of myself. People say “devil worship” like it’s a bad thing, but worshiping the devil has brought good things into my life. I don’t think Satan is purely evil because I think Satan is in everything, including good things. Besides, good and evil are purely subjective. I think having premarital sex, using birth control, and thinking for yourself are all good things, but the Abrahamic god doesn’t.

I also summon demons. I believe that demonic possession can be beneficial for those of us who seek it out. Thanks to demons, I’ve had intense spiritual experiences and witnessed manifestations. I’m always learning how to connect with demons and incorporate them into my magickal practice.


Satan inspires me to worship myself as a goddess first and foremost. I am the goddess of my own reality. I can create, destroy, and transform.

I worship myself as I would worship Satan. Some people feel that “worship” is a bad term to use for revering Satan. However, worship doesn’t necessarily involve groveling or diminishing one’s self before a deity. I admire Satan out of the joy of my own heart.

Satan teaches me how to be a god through wisdom and empowerment. When I connect with Satan, I am connecting with the infernal divine. In turn, this empowers me to be a goddess in my own right. Sure, I call upon the powers of darkness and Satan during my spells and rituals. However, I also call upon my personal power and summon dark energy to manifest my desires.

I believe there is a piece of Satan in everyone. It’s that piece of Satan that gives us pride, independent thought, passion, individuality, and a spark of the black flame. The black flame is the god/dess within you. As your black flame rises, you get closer to self-deification.

Darkness and Light

I associate Satan with darkness. I think Satan represents dark energy, the spiritual matter that all creation comes from. I believe all of creation comes from darkness and that we will return to darkness at the end of our lives.

Light cannot exist without darkness. Darkness existed before light. I believe Lucifer is a light aspect of Satan. Lucifer is the light bearer, the spirit of Venus, and the bringer of enlightenment. Lucifer’s presence is glorious and golden, but it should be known that He also has dark aspects of His own.

Regarding Abrahamic Religions

I wouldn’t say I hate Abrahamic religions – I respect freedom of religion and think that everyone has free will to believe in whatever they choose. However, I don’t agree with the values of Abrahamic religions or their followers. I believe that Yahweh, the Judeo-Christian god, and Allah, the god of Islam, are the same deity. However, I don’t think either of them actually created the world and both are hungry for power. I see Satan as the great liberator from all oppression, including religious dogma.

How do you define Satan and theistic Satanism? Let me know on Twitter (@ChiaSatana).

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